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Tips for Women to Look Fantastic at 55+

November 28, 2017 developer Comments

independent senior livingAfter a lifetime of taking care of a family, a home, and perhaps a job, it’s time to take excellent care of yourself. Read on for some special tips to keep you looking and feeling your best every day!


Your health should always come first!

→Visit your doctor regularly and monitor your cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes.

→Take your prescription medication and vitamins as directed.

→Use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days.

→Don’t smoke.

→Eliminate stress.

→Get six-to-eight hours of sleep every night.

Stay social

If you know you will be cooped up inside for the whole day, you may be tempted to let yourself go a bit. Make sure that you are out and about at least once or twice a day, and take pride in your appearance. Arrange your hair in a flattering style, make sure you are clean and your clothes are pressed and neat, and put on a little make-up before leaving the house.


Include cardiovascular exercise (a brisk walk, a bike ride, swimming) as well as strength training in your daily routine, to keep your heart healthy and your body toned.


Nourish your body properly. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and healthy multigrains and drink plenty of water. Limit sugar, salt, animal fat, and alcohol. At the same time, being too thin is not attractive. Eat healthy at least 80% of the time, but indulge in dessert or a glass of wine a few times a week.


Never underestimate the importance of proper grooming.

♥Schedule regular visits to the hair and nail salon.

♥Watch out for facial hair that begins to put in an appearance after menopause. For one or two stray hairs, all you need to do is tweeze them away. For more aggressive facial hair, consider waxing.

♥Make sure your eyebrows are trimmed and well-shaped. You may need to fill them in a little with an eyebrow pencil – select a shade or two lighter than your hair.


The color palette you used in your twenties and thirties may no longer be flattering after age 55. Avoid harsh, bright colors, and go for a softer look. Apply a tinted moisturizer, and some matte, neutral colors for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Less is more.


Your wardrobe communicates your taste and style to the world. The key is to always be chic and age-appropriate. Proper undergarments are key. Get a couple of well-fitting bras, and wear Spanx to smooth everything out. Stay away from body-conscious dresses and sky-high heels, and opt instead for well-fitted, tailored outfits, made out of good quality fabric, and polished shoes with a nice platform heel.

Accessories are your friends and can turn a conservative (slightly dull) outfit, into a fashion statement. A pretty necklace or silk scarf can add new life to a plain white button down shirt and well-fitting jeans.


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