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Putting Yourself First: Six Tips to Make Self-Care Part of Your Routine

July 11, 2018 developer Comments

Self-care is all about gaining added control over your healthcare as a retiree or a senior citizen. Most senior living communities including Twin Rivers encourage self-care and independence among its members for better senior living in Richardson. Moreover, personal care encourages a wide range of healthy habits such as proper diet, social interaction as well as mental and physical activity. Incorporating self-care in your daily life will not only guarantee independence but it will also give you an active role in your wellbeing.

 How to make self-care a routine for better senior living

Come up with a plan

A plan is essential in executing any goal in life. Making self-care your routine is no different. You may find it difficult to handle several tasks at once. However, it is a lot easier if you were to tackle one at a time. Thus, make a to-do list including all the activities you need to undertake, whether it is medication, exercising or an appointment with a doctor. This will guide you into a proper personal care routine.

Stay active

Keep in mind that self management is the surest way to remaining independent as a senior. This implies that you have to remain fit and healthy. One of the best ways to stay mentally and physically fit is by exercising regularly. Running, walking, jogging, cycling and playing games will ensure that you live a happy life for longer despite your age.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself after successfully following your routine for a week or two will motivate you to push on. This could include getting a fresh haircut, buying you a new toothbrush or attending a yoga class with friends.  Self-care is definitely rewarding in the long run and you will also live a happy life without relying on your family members or caregivers.

Find a self-care buddy
Why not find a friend with whom you can set your self-care goals together and incorporate the routine into your lives together? You will be greatly motivated to follow through with your plans. Spending time with your friends or age mates is surely mentally and physically uplifting.

Hang around positive people
Hanging around people that share and relate to your personal care goals will definitely inspire you to keep on moving. They say good company inspires good moral, and staying around people that inspire or motivate you to stay on track will help you achieve overall well-being.

Give Thanks for all of it
Besides rewarding yourself, showing gratitude for the far you have pushed through with your self-care routine will help you to remain positive about it all. You could do this by simply noting down the things you are grateful about every once in a while. This way you will notice and appreciate the progress you are making so far in your golden years.

Don’t give up on your self-management routine. Remember it is all about you and your wellbeing. Similarly, you need to remain self-sufficient despite your age, and it always feels great to be independent.

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