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Fun Senior Activity Ideas

November 13, 2017 developer Comments

senior activityOne of the best things about being a part of an independent living community is the opportunity to get to know your fellow residents and participate in what your community has to offer. Staying active mentally, physically and socially has endless benefits. Here are some fun activity ideas for you to try:

  • Join or Create an event planning committee.

Whether it’s community birthday celebrations, a Fourth of July barbeque, Christmas or Memorial Day, get together with like-minded residents and put together a party. You can assess the interests and strengths of your other committee members and assign their tasks accordingly, from trimming the Christmas tree in the reception area, to baking cupcakes for the birthday party, there is always something to do to help.

  • Cooking class.

Do you like to cook, and want to teach others your tips and tricks for the perfect baked ziti or pineapple upside down cake? Or is cooking something you’ve never mastered but always wanted to? Now is the time to embrace your inner cook or baker! Delight your taste buds and your friends!

  • Book clubs.

What’s more fun than reading the newest cozy mystery novel? How about reading it as a group and discussing all the unexpected plot twists and bizarre characters?  Bring some cookies from your baking class to share with the club members!

  • Exercise classes.

Exercise is good for your body and for your mind. Find out what classes are scheduled at your independent living community, and participate in as many as you can. From Yoga to belly-dancing, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

  • Hiking or Walking clubs.

What better way to get fresh air, heart-healthy exercise, socialize with your friends (old or new) than to participate in weekly hiking trips? Make sure you are appropriately dressed for the weather and activity, put on some sunscreen and a hat, and go! Remember, there is safety in numbers, so make sure that every resident has a “buddy” who can help out in case of a medical emergency.

  • Outings.

Or you may want to organiza a trip to the nearest city – you can enjoy museums, galleries, a zoo or aquarium, and so much more. A lot of attractions, as well as travel companies and restaurants, offer senior discounts, so you can get your dose of culture, and not break the bank!

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