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Christmas activities in Retirement Communities

December 20, 2017 developer Comments

Christmas activities Life is just beginning for many who move to an independent living community. You have the luxury of time that was previously spent working, raising a family, taking care of a house. The advantages of residing in an independent living community are many, and certainly living a life of leisure and relaxation is one! And one of the other advantages is having a close-knit group of neighbors and friends that form your community – like living in a small village where everyone knows each other.

As we prepare for Christmas and New Year, check the bulletin for planned for the winter holiday season in your independent living community. Some of the activities may be in your bulletin, and others might be added or organized at your request.

Visits from Santa.

One of the residents or employees can dress up as Santa, or arrangements can be made for Santa to come to your community, for when the grandchildren come to visit. Santa should have a place of honor close to the Christmas Tree in the main community hall, for the best photo opportunities.

Christmas Caroling

is a wonderful old tradition and can be arranged with a local church or high school. The group of carolers can either go door-to-door and entertain the residents with their traditional Christmas carols, or they can put on a Christmas Concert at the main hall.

Christmas Gift Exchange.

It’s fun to exchange gifts, and it’s not necessary to buy a gift for each of your friends. Make it fun and light. You can do a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, where you get a specific person to buy a gift for, or a “White Elephant” gift exchange, where the gift is generic and picked at random by the other residents (with an opportunity to “steal” one the previously opened gifts). See more details here.

Christmas luncheon.

This is an opportunity to dress in your holiday best and spend time with your friends and neighbors reminiscing about past Christmases and getting to know each other. In addition to Christmas trees and decorations, include Christmas music and scented candles to create a festive atmosphere.

Go to Church.

Attend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service and celebrate the Reason for the Season!

New Year’s Eve.

Stay up past midnight to see the New Year in, wearing your most sparkly clothes and lipstick, sing Auld Lang Syne, and talk about the funniest or most impactful resolutions that you and your loved ones have made over the years. For 2018, rather than make a resolution, make a promise to take the best care of yourself!

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