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How to handle change after retirement

February 7, 2018 developer Comments

independent senior livingThe only thing that is constant is change, according to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And it is true; we experience change in life constantly. Some of the changes are good – for example, your children graduating from college, getting married, and having families of their own. Or your business growing by leaps and bounds as a result of a hard work and good fortune.

Some changes may be more difficult to handle. For example, losing a loved one, or moving far away from family and friends. Some changes may take some getting used to but are good changes, such as moving to an independent senior living community and starting a whole new life.

It is time to turn these changes into advantages and enjoy everything retirement has to offer. Make a list of things you always wanted to do or a “bucket list,” if you will.

Ten things to explore as you transition into retirement:

  1. Travel to exotic places. Have you always wanted to explore a Caribbean island? Do some research, make arrangements and go!
  2. Volunteer your time. It can be very rewarding to help others.
  3. Take up a new hobby, such as gardening or knitting.
  4. Learn to cook, or bake.
  5. Write your memoirs. Read a few memoirs from the library for ideas, and start to write a bit each day.
  6. Get fit – start exercising daily. Exercise will benefit your heart, body, and soul. Whether this means walking, biking, swimming, or playing golf, find a buddy to do this with and engage in the exercise daily.
  7. Work part-time. Don’t rule out working part-time after you retire. It provides social interaction, mental stimulation, and of course, extra spending money.
  8. Take a technology class – learn how to use email, text, and Facebook and communicate with your grandchildren in a whole new way.
  9. Read. As a retiree, you have the luxury of time that you did not have while you were working. Join the local library or review the titles in the community library.
  10. Visit family and friends. Better yet, make arrangements with them ahead of time to travel together.

Change can be daunting to any of us.  It may help to ease into retirement by having a transition year. Cut your hours down to two or three days of work a week, and learn to relax and participate in new activities during your days off from work. The best part is that you can now do what you want every day. Take good care of your health and enjoy what life has to offer!


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