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The Five Biggest Fears about Independent Senior Living

March 2, 2018 developer Comments

independent senior livingMany seniors who are in the process of researching living options may not consider independent senior living communities because they have certain fears. However, these fears are often unfounded, as we will see below.

Fear #1: Losing independence

Today’s retirees want to maintain their level of activity even when they move into an independent senior living community.

Fact: Today’s independent senior living facilities allow their residents much flexibility. They have the freedom to travel, to entertain guests, to celebrate birthdates and retirements.

Fear #2: I will be bored or stuck in my room all day

Seniors today have an active social life, and most seniors want to continue that in their retirement.

Fact: Today’s senior living communities encourage hobbies and interests. Studies show that retirees who are engaged are happier and healthier overall. Some senior living communities offer the following activities:

•Church services every Sunday and Bible study during the week

•Exercise classes, including water aerobics and yoga

•Bowling leagues

•Card games and dominoes

•Movie night

•Monthly birthday celebrations

•Trips to museums and botanical gardens

Fear #3: I have to give up my pet

After years of relying on your pet for companionship and unconditional love, the last thing you want to do is give him up.

Fact: Most communities allow you to keep a cat or a small dog (for a fee). Remember that walking your dog will not only provide you with exercise and fresh air but also with the opportunity to socialize and meet new neighbors.

Fear # 4 – Independent living facilities are for much older people

Fact: Most independent living facilities are available to residents who are 55 and older, and offer many activities, such as golf, tennis, hiking, etc. You should visit a senior living community before making any commitments, and observe some of the residents in action.

Fear # 5 – I will lose my privacy and will have a curfew

Fact: You will have your own independent apartment which you will keep as private as you wish.  You can come and go as you see fit. If you want to travel or have your friends and family visit, it is your choice. While we offer the security and comfort of a community, you have the ultimate say on what you do, and where you go.

Hopefully, these facts will dispel some of the fears surrounding independent living communities. Get to know your neighbors and feel free to participate in fun activities and social events.

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