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Eight Ways to be creative in the Retirement Community

March 12, 2018 developer Comments

retirement communityWhy is being creative important and beneficial for the elderly? Studies show that staying creative not only keeps the mind sharp but also helps you to maintain a social lifestyle by participating in group classes or activities, or discussing and displaying your creation.

There are many ways to be creative in retirement communities and many hobbies from which to choose. Before choosing a new hobby, ask yourself the following questions:

→What am I passionate about? Is it gardening, baking, cooking, knitting, drawing?

→Are there any new hobbies I’ve wanted to explore? How about scrapbooking or photography?

→How can I include it into my daily routine? Make your new hobby a part of your day by spending a couple of hours a day after breakfast on your new hobby.

→How much time to I have to spend on a specific task or project? As a retiree, you have the luxury of time, so you can spend as much time as you wish on your new hobby.

→Do I need to have any special supplies? Check prices for supplies online, look for promotion codes, and make sure you stay within your budget.

→Who would enjoy this hobby with me? Recruit a friend or neighbor to join you.

Here are eight ways to be creative in your retirement community:

♥Baking – this hobby has the added benefit of creating delicious treats that you can share with neighbors and friends.

♥Photography, and then displaying your photographs online, in albums or scrapbooks is a fun output of your creativity.

Flower-arranging look through online sites like Pinterest for ideas.

♥Cooking – go through a favorite cookbook and try a new recipe daily.

♥Gardening – If you don’t have a garden, try container gardening, or indoor gardening. Grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill or geraniums in a container by your front door.

♥Writing – If you enjoy writing, try writing your memoirs, or a short story.

♥Drawing – take your drawing pad and colored pencils to the park, and let nature inspire you.

♥Knitting. Knitting is a very portable hobby – you can bring your knitting basket with you when visiting a neighbor, or while watching a sporting event

The hobbies you choose should entertain you and relax you – and should not stress you out. Try a few different hobbies until you find one that allows your creativity to flow and will make the time pass quickly. If you have a close friend to share in the hobby with you, even better.

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