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Dangers of Seniors Living Alone

October 4, 2017 developer Comments

danger of senior living aloneHome safety is a concern for people of any age but it becomes a priority for seniors, especially if they are living independently. The National Center for Biotechnology Information shares a variety of frightening statistics for seniors living alone:

  • 75% of home accidents involve falling
  • 29% of accidents involve the toilet
  • 14% of accidents happen in the kitchen
  • 8% of accidents involve sharp objects

While many seniors are hesitant to give up their independent living status, if their risks for living alone become too great, it may be time to look at an independent living community or retirement community to help reduce some of the risks to their safety and well-being.

Common Risks for Seniors Living Alone

With 75% of senior home accidents involving a fall, it becomes extremely important for seniors to stay in shape through regular exercise and activity. In an independent living community, seniors can participate in daily exercise from chair yoga to water aerobics, dancing, or simply walking around the grounds with other residents.

The risk of dying in a home fire is twice the national average for people who are 65 or older, and three times the national average over the age of 75. If the burner is left on the stove and forgotten as the senior goes about his or her business, nearby items can catch fire before the senior even realizes there is a problem. Using space heaters near flammable materials or smoking in bed are also common causes of fires in senior homes. If remaining independent in their own home is becoming a challenge, moving into an independent living community offers much of the independence the senior is used to but with some added support and benefits of living in a communal environment. For example, seniors can enjoy the dining room where food is prepared, served, and the kitchen is cleaned up for them while sharing a meal with friends! This will greatly reduce the risks for kitchen accidents, accidents with sharp objects, and house fires.

When A Senior Living Community Makes Sense for Your Loved One

If your loved one has the physical and mental capacity to live independently but wants opportunities to socialize and maintain an active lifestyle, a senior living community is a great option. It provides the benefits of having people nearby along with services, activities, and amenities all geared to the senior lifestyle to help reduce the dangers to seniors living alone. Many independent living community organizations also offer emergency pull cord systems set up in each room of the apartment. When a senior pulls the cord, it alerts the front office that they need assistance.

Help your loved one ease into a senior living community to enjoy their independent living lifestyle with the support they need to reduce their risks when living alone.

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