Tips for traveling with pets

May 30, 2018 developer Comments

Many of the residents at the senior living community of Twin Rivers in Richardson have small pets. Most people bring their pets when they travel, and it’s no wonder—pets are great travel companions. Here are important ways to keep them safe and happy on the road. Research pet-friendly hotels. Before driving down to your vacation Read more

The Importance of Learning Something New For the Elderly People

January 23, 2018 developer Comments

It’s never too late to learn. Indeed, a surprising number of seniors get their high school or even college degrees well into their retirement. The benefit to these recent graduates is not only the knowledge gained and mental stimulation that comes with preparing for courses but the feeling of accomplishment after achieving a life-long goal. Read more

What do you know about ageism?

December 13, 2017 developer Comments

In many cultures, old age is respected and revered. And it is respected in America, as well, on an individual basis. However, in most of the Western world, we have become a youth-obsessed culture. Every time you open a magazine, there are articles about staying young, and dozens of advertisements for anti-wrinkle creams, or anti-aging Read more

Elderly loneliness solutions

October 23, 2017 developer Comments

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 11 million people aged 65 and older lived alone in 2014. Many senior citizens have children who live very far away, or perhaps have no family at all. Losing a spouse can be painful, especially to the surviving spouse of couples who were very close and did everything together. Read more

Dangers of Seniors Living Alone

October 4, 2017 developer Comments

Home safety is a concern for people of any age but it becomes a priority for seniors, especially if they are living independently. The National Center for Biotechnology Information shares a variety of frightening statistics for seniors living alone: 75% of home accidents involve falling 29% of accidents involve the toilet 14% of accidents happen Read more