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Tips for traveling with pets

May 30, 2018 developer Comments
traveling with pets

Many of the residents at the senior living community of Twin Rivers in Richardson have small pets. Most people bring their pets when they travel, and it’s no wonder—pets are great travel companions. Here are important ways to keep them safe and happy on the road.

  1. Research pet-friendly hotels. Before driving down to your vacation destination, search for pet-friendly hotels. There are many hotels in every price range which are willing to accommodate your pet for a small fee, or for no additional fee.
  2. Before packing for your road trip, make sure you have a comfortable and secure carrier or crate for your pet, that is large enough for your pet to lie down in or turn around. Get your pet used to it at home before you leave, so the carrier is familiar and comfortable on the road.
  3. If your pet is not used to car travel, take him on a few short drives first, preferably in his travel crate.
  4. Feed your pet several hours before leaving, and take him out for his walk before you set out on your trip. Whenever you stop for gas or coffee, take your pet out for a short walk as well. Please never leave your animal alone in a parked car.
  5. Bring all of the essentials with you – his favorite food, a bowl, some water, plastic bags, grooming supplies, and his favorite toy. Just to be safe, bring along your pet’s vaccination and medical record, and your vet’s phone number in case of a medical emergency.
  6. Talk with your vet about inserting a microchip for identification, and attach a name tag on his collar with your cell phone number and a backup contact number.
  7. Keep the car windows high enough that your pet will not try to ride with his head outside the window, and lock the door, in case he accidentally releases the door while playing in the back seat.
  8. When you arrive at your destination, take him out for a quick walk so he can size up the neighborhood and then spend a few minutes playing with your pet at the new house. Try not to leave him alone until he gets acquainted with it and finds a comfortable spot.

Our pets are very important to us. They show unconditional love and make us smile every day. We need to take the necessary steps to make sure that they are safe and happy at all times.

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