Eight Ways to be creative in the Retirement Community

March 12, 2018 developer Comments

Why is being creative important and beneficial for the elderly? Studies show that staying creative not only keeps the mind sharp but also helps you to maintain a social lifestyle by participating in group classes or activities, or discussing and displaying your creation. There are many ways to be creative in retirement communities and many Read more

The Five Biggest Fears about Independent Senior Living

March 2, 2018 developer Comments

Many seniors who are in the process of researching living options may not consider independent senior living communities because they have certain fears. However, these fears are often unfounded, as we will see below. Fear #1: Losing independence Today’s retirees want to maintain their level of activity even when they move into an independent senior Read more

Senior Living: How to adopt new habits

February 19, 2018 developer Comments

If you were to take a survey of what retirement means, you might get answers like, “it means doing nothing”. However, as many residents of independent senior living communities can attest, in order to have a satisfying life, some things need to be done, even if you are retired. Experts say that it takes 21 Read more

How to handle change after retirement

February 7, 2018 developer Comments

The only thing that is constant is change, according to Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And it is true; we experience change in life constantly. Some of the changes are good – for example, your children graduating from college, getting married, and having families of their own. Or your business growing by leaps and bounds as a Read more

Activities for Loners and Introverted Seniors

January 16, 2018 developer Comments

According to Psychology today, introverts feel drained by social encounters and energized by solitary, creative pursuits. Their disposition is often misconstrued as shyness, social phobia. They may be able to socialize, but choose not to. Loners are people who avoid social interaction. Most retirement communities have some residents who are ‘loners’ or ‘introverts.’ They prefer Read more

Christmas activities in Retirement Communities

December 20, 2017 developer Comments

Life is just beginning for many who move to an independent living community. You have the luxury of time that was previously spent working, raising a family, taking care of a house. The advantages of residing in an independent living community are many, and certainly living a life of leisure and relaxation is one! And Read more

Tips for Women to Look Fantastic at 55+

November 28, 2017 developer Comments

After a lifetime of taking care of a family, a home, and perhaps a job, it’s time to take excellent care of yourself. Read on for some special tips to keep you looking and feeling your best every day! Health Your health should always come first! →Visit your doctor regularly and monitor your cholesterol, blood Read more

How Technologies Help to Reduce Senior Social Isolation and Loneliness

November 21, 2017 developer Comments

Newly retired seniors often experience loneliness and social isolation. They may have recently moved from the family home to an independent living communities, and are still trying to figure out what to do with their newly discovered free time.  There are dozens of ways to occupy your time and enrich your lives, thanks to technology. Read more

Fun Senior Activity Ideas

November 13, 2017 developer Comments

One of the best things about being a part of an independent living community is the opportunity to get to know your fellow residents and participate in what your community has to offer. Staying active mentally, physically and socially has endless benefits. Here are some fun activity ideas for you to try: Join or Create Read more